Application And Properties Of Knife Gate Valve

Application And Properties Of Knife Gate Valve

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Many types of valves have been used in different industries. Without the valves, the manufacturing process cannot be completed. The valves have made the process easy and convenient otherwise the manual handling of the waste and slurry was a tedious process. Every type of valve comes with benefits and have unique applications. But the most problematic thing in the manufacturing process is slurries. Because usually they have low flowing pressure and quote abrasive, so selecting the slurry valve is the tricky part. The valve disc plays an important role in the valve, one of the popular types of the slurry valve is the knife gate valve. There are certain properties of the knife gate valve that made them ideal as a slurry valve.


  • The knife gate valve perfect for the slurries because they are one of the cheapest valves for the slurries. When it comes to slurries the valve can get damaged over time due to its abrasive nature but getting an effective valve at less price will help keep the maintenance and replacement cost low.
  • The knife gate valves are also good as slurry valves because they are easy to operate. The knife gate valves come with on-off services, that help to maintain the proper flow of liquids.
  • The knife gate valves come in different size, which makes them workable for different types of industries. The knife gate valves can handle oils, pulp, varnish and slurry. But they are not good for dry applications, because the things like powder may be stuck in the component of the valve, which lowers its efficacy.
  • The one disadvantage of the knife gate valve, being as a slurry valve is its low-pressure limitation. The knife gate valves will not be ideal where the pressure will be varying and will remain on the lower side.

These properties differ from valve type. This means whenever it’s time to select the valve, one must make the researched decision. Selecting the wrong valve may affect the complete liquid flow in any process. So, making the final choice in term of valves, there are many factors to consider. Firstly, the size of the vale is the most important thing, because the flow of the liquid is directly related to the size of the valve. Then when it comes to slurry valves, the construction material of the valves is critical for its performance. The slurries can abrasive, with time damage the components of the valve. If you select the wrong material, there can be chances that slurry will have a chemical reaction to those materials, which may end in damaging the complete valve. Whenever you are deciding on a knife gate valve, consider all these factors before getting your final pick.For more information, please visit

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