Different Types Of Couples Massage

Different Types Of Couples Massage

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With the advancement of science and technology man is getting more and more involved in his daily routines and rarely does he finds time for his family members. It has become quite hard to give time to your near and dear ones even if you want to have some luxury time with them. Moreover, you get only one free day in a week which you cannot risk in chatting and gossiping. So, what can be the place which can provide you to be with your loved ones while at the same time gets you to have rest which you were in the dire need of. The answer to all these problems is couples massage from Sydney. Couples massage is the kind of a massage which is given to two dear ones at the same time in the same room but in two different beds. We will be discussing about different types of couples massage in this article.

Couples massage:

Massage can be defined as the process in which body muscles, joints or any other body parts are rubbed to relieve the pain that a person is experiencing. We get to see many different types of massage but have you ever heard about couples massage? Yes, you have heard it right; there is a couple’s massage which is trending nowadays. It is the kind of massage in which two people who can be spouses, friends, sisters or mother daughter duo are given a massage at the same time. This whole procedure of massage begins with allowing the couple to remove clothes and wear towels, then they are entered in a soothing room with a great aroma where two beds are placed, one for each. Then two massage therapists begin the whole process of massaging at the same time. Couples massage is one of the best ways to spend a time with your loved ones while having the best massage ever.

Different types of couples massage:

Up till now you are well aware with the concept of coupes massage but let us now elaborate even more by telling you about the different kinds of couples massage. There is a deep tissue massage which is offered in couples massage. In this kind of a massage pressure is put in such a way that a person gets relieved from internal pains (deep tissue pains). Then there is aromatherapy massage which is highly recommended for couples as in this kind of massage such lotions and products are used for massaging that they extract beautifully relaxing aroma. Besides the above mentioned couples massage, there are other types of couples massage as well like Swedish massage, etc.


Couples massage is the latest trend which is going on nowadays. It is the kind of massage in which two loved ones are given the massage at the same time in the same room by two different massage therapists at two different massaging beds. This kind of massage not only improves your relation with your loved one but also provides you to relax comfortably. “Orchard spa” offers the best kinds of couples massage.

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