Is Wine Danger For Our Health?

Is Wine Danger For Our Health?

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After using wine people become unconscious, the tolerance power of people is decreasing and uncomfortable reactions are most common just after the consumption of wine. Drinking Cullen Vanya abernet sauvignon is a great source of getting the disease. Some are cured and some cause death.

Alcohol itself is harmful and it is used in any drink so the drink can also become harmful. Here is a list of some diseases caused by alcohol is as below:

Liver disease:

1. While using alcohol the liver is on danger and can be damaged.

2. In alcohol fatty liver disease the fat accumulates on the liver. This disease can be cured by not drinking any alcohol-based drink anymore.

3. Liver failure is also caused by the consumption of alcohol-based drinks. The liver is swelling up and unable to work accurately.

4. Cirrhosis is a liver disease stage when the liver is unable to cure and become failing.


1. Cause due of the overconsumption of alcohol.

2. In disease, the pancreases feel pain and sometimes hospitalization is necessary.


1. Chronic alcohol users are mostly suffered from cancer.

2. The alcohol consumption is at high risk of cancer like mouth cancer, larynx cancer, stomach cancer, esophagus cancer, liver cancer, colon cancer, rectum cancer, and breast cancer.

3. Sometime cancer could be cured at the initial stage, but many people do not give up this habit and again victimized by cancer.

Ulcers and gastrointestinal problems:

1. Drinking alcohol can cause many digestive problems.

2. The liver helps in digestion and if the liver is infected then it is sure that the digestive system of any person can easily be infected.

Weak immune system:

1. The vulnerable body can be caught by many diseases easily.

2. Drinking alcohol cause may diseases like as tuberculosis due to weak immune system.

3. Every sip of alcohol weak the immune system and increase the chances of disease.

Brain damages:

1. A person whose consume alcohol feel difficulty in walking, or controlling itself.

2. Cognitive function of a person like as mood, emotions or reactions can also be infected by alcohol.

3. At the age of 24 brain is on developing process and consumption of alcohol can effect on this developing process.

Heart disease or cardiovascular health:

1. Excess use of alcohol can cause high blood pressure disease or heat failure problems.

2. Stroke is also caused by alcohol and a death toll action due to high consumption of alcohol.

Taking wine is bad for health. The online wine platform is mostly promoting this consumption. Buy online wine is now a day become easy. These online sites provide big brands of wine like as Jack Daniels or Jack Daniels Tennessee whiskey to grab the attention of consumers. Leeuwin estate art series cabernet sauvignon also increase the consumption of wine. Consumption of alcohol based wine can harm people and make them ill.

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