NewVision Clinics: Eye Care Professionals

NewVision Clinics: Eye Care Professionals

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All humans have five senses. Out of the five senses the most important and delicate organs of sense are our eyes. It is considered as the heart of all senses. In my opinion 70% of all our feelings are perceived by means of our eyes, therefore it is very important to protect our eyes and we should not take this sensory organ for granted. Whenever there is a problem one should do everything that is in their power in order to restore the eyesight back to normal, talking about vision test, one can easily say that it is a small investment but it has a great impact on our lives. 

We at NewVision clinics offers excimer, advanced PRK and LASIK procedures. Our excimer laser, also known as exciplex laser is a process in which we use micro electric devices and ultraviolet rays to remove particular tissue, this delicate surgery is performed by our highly trained eye doctors and takes around 5 to 20 minutes. We also offer advanced PRK eye surgery which is also a type of laser surgery for vision correction. Cataract is a very common surgery nowadays and we are working hard to achieve best results.  We specialize in advanced PRK eye surgery, it takes longer to recover from LASIK eye surgery but it has advantages for some patients who are diagnosed with low sightedness issues and thin corneas. We have three consultation centers that are located in Cheltenham, Windsor and East Melbourne. We have different offers every month, so people can find suitable payment plans easily according to their budget. There are no extra charges, our packages include everything from consultation to post-operative medications. Different payment options are also available ranging from healthcare insurance to American express or a bank cheque. Our aim is to help people enjoy life from the hassle of optical and contact lenses. At new vision clinics, our normal surgery costs around $2275 per eye, it is difficult to bear for some people but the important part to remember is that it is a lifetime investment which removes the use of artificial lenses to a great extent. Whenever you feel itching or redness u should visit an eye specialist Windsor. At new vision clinics, our optometrists diagnose and carry out thorough research and tests to see whether the patient is suitable for the surgery or not and if so, they provide with the best, quality treatment. Our doctors and surgeons are continuously engaged in discovering and evaluating new methods and treatments in order to provide better services to our customers. 24-hour access helpline is also available for our patients. According to our records, we have around 90% satisfied and happy customers without any complaints after surgery.

New vision clinic is particularly an eye clinic offering reliable ophthalmologist service and optometrist with great experience who are capable of detecting rare and difficult diseases with great results.

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