Tips To Follow That Will Make You Look Your Best In Ladies Riding Breeches

Tips To Follow That Will Make You Look Your Best In Ladies Riding Breeches

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If you are a female horse rider, I am sure that you often spend a lot on the appearance of your horse and their well – being as a part of their care and performance. However, all of this come under one’s own expenditure which is why I feel that not only one should think of the horse but also their own self too. This means that a proper attire to ride the horse is something you should invest on. Ladies riding breeches is what you should be getting for yourself as not only it is considered to be very comfortable horse riding clothing but also makes one feel confident about themselves when riding a horse. Let’s give you some tips that you should follow in order to look your best in this attire.

  1. Regardless of what your body type shape is, tucking in your shirt is always the safest option that will make you look flattering in this attire. If you think that an untucked shirt with look better, trust me it won’t, in fact, you would look more frumpy.
  2. Despite the body type you have, you should invest in a good vest as it would cover up all your problematic areas which you are not too fond of showing. In fact, it helps in concealing those areas and gives a more professional look of a rider.
  3. Ladies riding breeches come in various materials, however, if you want to look the best, we highly recommend you to opt for denim or thick cotton material as they are known to be trending. In fact, these fabrics allow one to cover imperfections and make your body structure look much better.
  4. If you have a heavy upper area, we recommend you to get yourself a good quality sports bra so you can have a perfect fitting of the shirt too. Moreover, go for shirts that are neutral in colors or dark rather than bright which have huge prints or designs on them.
  5. If you are someone with a heavy lower area then you should go for breeches which are known to have side seam on them. This is because the vertical lines on side seam of breech pants allows one to look as if they have thinner and long legs.

Riding a horse is a lot more than you think it is which is why we really hope the above stated tips that we have provided you have helped in dressing up finely and looking your best when riding a horse as having a perfect attire really matters in bringing in your confidence.

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