Ways Of PVC Pipe Fitting

Ways Of PVC Pipe Fitting

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PVC pipes are usually straightforward. But these pipes need to be fit with each other so that they can easily fulfill the codes of the building. This process of joining them together can be really simple or very complex. It totally depends on the type of PVC fitting you require. It also depends on the location, function and building structure.

PVS fittings are used for joining different PVC pipes together. Luckily, a wide range of PVC pipe fittings Australia are available. You can easily run any PVC pipe in any configuration.

There we will discuss some basic and most common type of PVC fittings used to join or configure different type of PVC pipe together.

  1. 3–ways PVC Fitting:

It is also known as 3-ways PVC corner fitting. The main purpose of PVC corner fitting is that it is used to split PVC pipe in two different directions. It is designed specially to use in the corners. They came in different size and dimensions depending on your requirement and size of the PVC pipe used.

The parameters involved in measuring 3-ways corner PVC fitting are

  • Overall width, height, and depth
  • Inside diameter
  • Outside diameter
  • Insertion depth
  • Socket length
  • Wall thickness

Before buying 3-ways corner fitting, infect any PVC pipe fitting, you must have about the required measurement of these parameters.

  1. 4-ways PVC pipe fittings.

These types of fittings are also known as tee branches fittings. The 4-ways PVC pipe fittings are used to split one pipe into further three different directions. These elbow shaped PVC tee branch pipe fitting is ideal for those corners who required more connections starting from a single pipe.

  1. 5-ways Cross PVC Corner fittings:

The 5 ways cross PVC corner pipe fittings breaks up and split the single point into four different directions. You can easily connect your whole laundry or bathroom connections using 5-ways cross PVC corner pipe fittings. They break up into the front and provide 4 more pathways for the liquid to flow into.

  1. 45◦ PVC Elbow Fittings:

Sometimes, its mandatory to angle the PVC pipe slightly instead of setting it straight at 90 degree’s angles. At the angle of 45 degrees the handy pipe fitting is known as the Elbow Fitting. Now you don’t need to worry if your connection is a little bit tilt, PVC Elbow fitting will help you out in this matter with ease.

  1. 90◦ PVC Elbow fitting:

The purpose of 90-degree PVC Elbow pipe fitting is same as the name reveals. It turns on the pipe straight in 90-degree direction, from floor to the ceiling, and vice versa. It can also be helpful in connection of pipe against a new wall and so forth. This is the most famous and commonly used type of PVC pipe fitting.

  1. Adjustable PVC Pipe Elbow Fitting:

When you are not sure about the exact angle of the PVC pipe fitting, then adjustable PVC pipe Elbow fitting is ideal match for this situation. It can function as a hinge.

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